Pontoon: Blackjack Strategy Chart

Pontoon is an interesting variation of blackjack strategy chart. It is the exceptionally low house edge that makes Pontoon Blackjack an exciting and appealing game. This variation of blackjack was not quite popular among players because until so far it was offered only on Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic online casinos. But, in recent times, both Microgaming and Playtech has also started introducing Pontoon blackjack strategy chart games on their online casinos.

Pontoon Rules

Even though Pontoon is little complicated than normal blackjack, it is not difficult to learn this game. The rules of this blackjack strategy chart game are as following:

  • 8 regular decks are used for playing Pontoon, and the value of cards is same as found in regular blackjack.
  • The payout for a 5-card hand is 2:1 on the initial wager without concern for the total points of the hand. This is including the split hands on the blackjack strategy chart. But, this doesn’t apply to busted hands.
  • The payouts in all the blackjacks are equal to 2:1 of the initial wager.
  • Even money is paid for all the wins made by players.
  • All the ties in Pontoon blackjack strategy chart are won by dealers including 5-card hands and Pontoons.
  • When you place a wager, you get 2 face up cards and the dealer gets 2 face down cards.
  • The dealer checks for a blackjack, and if it is there, all the wagers lose.
  • It is required for players to hit all the point totals below 15.
  • It is allowed for players to Hit at any point, even after a double down.
  • Double Down in blackjack strategy chart is allowed on any of the 2 to 4 card hand, but they can only double down once for each hand. Players can also double down on split hands.
  • Splitting can be done for maximum of 2 times and for 3 hands. It is allowed only for equal rank cards, including aces. The payout is 2:1 when aces are split, and doubling is allowed with splitting.
  • It is after all the completion of all player hands that dealer plays his hand.

Pontoon Strategy

A blackjack strategy chart provides the best strategy for all situations in Pontoon. Determine the point total of your hand on the left side of the chart and compare it to the cards in your hand so as to determine the right play. Some of the players are not aware that if they double on a hand that causes a 5-card hand, they can get a payout of 4:1 on their initial wager. When playing at a Cryptologic casino, the blackjack strategy chart displays only a 2:1 payout, but the amount gets paid at 4:1.

Pontoon House Advantage

When you follow the best Pontoon blackjack strategy chart, the house advantage is not more than 38%, making this game the one with the minimum house advantage. The lowest edge on the blackjack strategy chart makes this game a great choice for getting bonuses as they come across for completing the wagering requirements.